Merlo P72.10 Telehandler

Merlo telehandlers are adaptable, versatile, and powerful; that’s why they are becoming a necessity for every business, construction department, and agriculture. Merlo is an Italian manufacturer of telescopic handlers with 600 dealers worldwide. The telehandlers manufactured by Merlo are at the cutting edge of technology. As a result, this technology ensures the highest levels of safety, control, stability, and performance with maximum load capacities and high lift. Merlo has produced dozens of telehandlers so far. Merlo P72.10 telehandler is one of the most well-known telehandlers in the product line.

The Key Features of Merlo P72.10 Telehandlers:

The Merlo brand stands with advanced technology in the telehandler field, and its history is adorned by experience based on determination and passion. Being that said, Merlo has produced the equipment with the largest gap in the category in the following key features:

  • Merlo cabs feature a safety system that provides new standards of safety.
  • It has a new joystick with a reverse shuttle that is economical and easy to use.
  • It has a new air conditioning system in line with automotive standards for fast and effective heating slash cooling.
  • The new display makes it possible to display a great deal of meaningful information for the operator.
  • The dedicated pedal in the name of inching control provides calibrated movements of the machine.
  • A curved screen that offers safety at work at height and maximum visibility.
  • Differential lock.
  • Drawer.

The Comfort of Merlo P72.10 Telehandlers:

Being the largest cab in the telehandlers market, the Merlo P72.10 telehandler offers great comfort, design, and ergonomics. And once you are in the cab’s seat, you start feeling at ease with excellent accessibility to the door, a tilting steering wheel, ergonomic heat, and superb visibility in every direction, including topside. The suspended cabin optimizes comfort.

Boom Suspension System:

A boom is attached to the telehandler that can be suspended in order to have smooth movements during displacement with a positive impact on the comfort level and eliminating the losses of load. A hydraulic circuit with pneumatic pressure absorbs and reduces the shocks due to uneven ground, making the Merlo P72.10 telehandler a great choice for construction sites and agricultural fields. BSS system will be automatically switched off under 3 kph.

The Frame Leveling System:

Along with the boom side shaft, the system allows the frame to be tilted with the virtue of the two hydraulic cylinders connected between the chassis and the front axle. In sloppy areas, the frame cap can be adjusted by the operator to raise the boom vertically. Consequently, this ensures maximum safe working conditions. The Merlo Telehandler Manuals feature the functioning of all parts of this model. Thereafter, the owner may ensure the operator and the machine both stay safe and functional.

Boom and Tac-lock System:

Merlo telehandlers offer a standard quick and hydraulically controlled system for locking Mando attachments. And the patented solution to increase the vehicle’s productivity and reduce the loss of time is fulfilled by the hydraulically powered extension mechanism that is fully integrated into the boom sections to protect it from site damage.

The Safety of Merlo P 72.10 Telehandler:

The Merlo dynamic load control system manages the dynamic safety of the telehandlers with an integrated computer that manages the load charts according to the attachment in use and to various operational parameters such as the carried load, the boom angle, and speed. Similar systems can be found in lift machine competitors such as Hyster-Yale. However, the system can recognize only the Merlo attachments because of its sensor. Then the indicator on the lower chart informs the operator about the telehandler’s dynamic equilibrium and avoids risks for the machine’s longitudinal equilibrium by blocking movement when needed.

Merlo P72.10 Telehandler Repair Manual
Merlo P72.10 Telehandler Repair Manual

Merlo Hydrostatic Transmission:

The hydrostatic transmission in Merlo telehandlers guarantees quick shuttling, progressive acceleration, smooth and maximum safety with the dynamic braking effect when driving downhill, and excellent traction in all conditions with its permanent 4-wheel drive. The operator can also use the inching system standard on all Merlo telehandler models to enhance the precision in confined spaces. This hydrostatic transmission connects to a 2-speed gearbox.

How does Merlo P72.10 offer high-capacity performance and precision?

The Merlo P72.10 telehandler comes under the category of construction and material handling equipment. Its performance metrics are as follows:

Maximum load capacity: 15,870 lbs.

Max lift height: 31’ 3’’

Maximum reach: 17’ 1’’

Load capacity at full reach: 4500 lbs.

Load capacity at maximum lift: 9000 lbs.

The cab finishing of this telehandler model is eco-compliant with electronic joystick controls and dual reverse shuttle. To that end, the tac-lock, two floating forks, pedal engine control, permanent 4-wheel drive, three steering modes, and auxiliary hydraulic service on the boom are standard on all its models.

Efficiency and Versatility:

The Echo power drive system reduces consumption without limiting the telehandler. Subsequently, it manages the diesel engine separately by the accelerator pedal. The operator asks for a certain speed through the accelerator, and the computer manages the diesel engine accordingly.

The operator can control both stabilizers independently. They remain within the width of the machine, ensuring maximum compactness and, at the same time, optimum stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Merlo Telehandlers?

Merlo S.p.A

What engine is in the Merlo P72.10?

The P72.10 is powered by the Perkins 115HP engine