New Holland- Company Overview

New Holland is the most popular brand when it comes to agricultural and construction vehicles. The company started its journey in 1895, and since then, they have released a number of innovative tractors that have helped the farmers in the field. The very first launch of the company’s tractor rooted the seeds of love in the hearts of farmers. Their tractors have brought them immense popularity and success that continued in the coming years.

Whether you need excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, graders, compact crawler excavators, crawler dozers, crawler excavators at construction sites, or spreaders, combines, and headers on the farms, New Holland is there to provide all these heavy machineries. Their tractors are always of high quality and equipped with advanced technology.

New Holland machine company was founded in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania, by Abe Zimmerman, who was a handyman. Later on, this company was taken over by Sperry in 1947. It went into the hands of Ford in 1986 and was finally taken over by Fiat in 1991.

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Early Years

This company was started with the aim of developing agricultural products that will prove useful for farmers. The company was merely a repair shop in the beginning that expanded over time. The first ever tractor of New Holland was a Ford that was launched in 1917. The immense success of Ford led to the development of another top-notch Ford model tractor in 1918.

The founder of this company was going great with the sale of his innovative machinery, but soon there came an economic crisis in the US, and the Great Depression hit in 1929. Since his customers lacked the resources to purchase the products, the company saw a great loss.

Later in 1947, the company was renamed Sperry New Holland, after which it saw another episode of success. They started making top-class harvesting equipment. It was also the time when high-quality agricultural products were developing in Europe as well. Claeys turned out to be the first-ever combine harvester in Europe in 1952. Seeing the success and growth of Claeys, Sperry New Holland showed interest in them and finally took over Claeys in 1964.

New Holland Innovative Technology

The same year, Sperry New Holland developed a hay harvesting technology that was able to do the work of three machines at a time. It was a hay bine mower-conditioner model 460. Even the two to three machines together couldn’t perform the task that model 460 could do. New Holland also released its first backhoe loader in 1966. They continued to work on making revolutionary agricultural products. It was in 1974 when they first introduced the twin rotor combine.

Sperry New Holland and Ford

In the meanwhile, Ford was also becoming a big name in the field of agricultural equipment. They were known for producing reasonable tractors that had replaced horses and mules early in the 20th century. They have contributed a lot to the automotive sector by developing diesel engines, power hydraulics, rubber pneumatic tires, and three-point hitch. The company had thousands of employees and dealers worldwide that were running the company.

Later in 1986, Ford took over Sperry New Holland, which resulted in Ford New Holland Inc. This expanded New Holland to over 100 countries having thousands of employees and dealers.

New Holland and Fiat

Fiat was also an emerging company of earthmoving equipment that had gained great popularity in Europe. There was a merger of Fiat-Allis and Fiatagri in 1988. They were leading in forage equipment and tractors at that time. However, in 1991 Fiat decided to merge with Ford New Holland, for which it purchased its 80 percent shares. The great merging of FiatGeoTech with Ford New Holland resulted in N.H. Geotech. Their headquarters shifted to London, where they were working as the largest manufacturer of haying equipment, diesel engines, and tractors and the second largest manufacturer of combine in the world.

In 1999, Fiat purchased the well-known Case company. This merger eventually led to the CNH brand of the modern era.

Among some of the best machinery, New Holland developed its 200,000th skid steer loader in 2007. New Holland Skid Steer Parts Diagram very well explains how the technology works. Other than that, they also manufactured a green engine for the E215B crawler excavator. This engine is amazingly playing its role in reducing pollution ever since they have continued making cleaner and greener machines.

In Present

One after another, this company has seen great phases of success. Today, after merging with Case brand, Case New Holland is the largest and world-famous brand for producing high-quality farming machinery and tractors. They are present all around the world, having 22 plants in different continents including, Asia, South America, North America, and Europe, working in about 170 countries. Their headquarters is located in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

From day one, their aim remained the same, that is, to help farmers by developing innovative agricultural machinery. For this reason, they have always thrived in the past and are continuing to put more effort into bringing better products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful New Holland Tractor?

3230 TX Super is by far the most powerful tractor in the 45hp category

How long will a New Holland Tractor last?

Your New Holland Tractor will last at least 4-10K hours.