New Holland is a well-known multinational manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The original New Holland company was founded in 1895 in Pennsylvania. Since then, the product line has been comprised of tractors, balers, and sprayers offered on the worldwide market. The firm also makes seeding equipment and utility vehicles. This article will focus on the New Holland 9682 tractor.

NH equipment is accessible all around the globe, and they have operations in 170 countries. To that end, New Holland has earned multiple honors in acknowledgement of its high-quality equipment. Their devices’ exceptional design and inventive features have contributed to their brand’s success.

Notable innovations include their ABS Super Steer system and their Intellifill system. In keeping with the brand’s worldwide reputation, New Holland South Africa is well-known for delivering reliable items on the local market. By advocating the proper use and maintenance of their gear, their assistance and training boost your firm’s efficiency.

New Holland 9682 Tractor Performance and Fuel Economy

The clutch in the NH 9682 links and disconnects the engine from the transmission gears and the driving wheels. The clutch transfers power by using friction between driven and driving elements. The friction clutch creates a gripping motion between two surfaces by applying frictional force. These surfaces were squeezed together to transfer electricity. The clutch pedal is depressed when the engine is started. The clutch pedal is gently released on frictional surfaces when the engine begins to raise the pressure until there is no slide.

The transfer of power is determined by the intensity of the force and the material employed to push the friction members together. The engine of a tractor operates at high speeds, while the rear wheels of the New Holland tractor demand more torque and lower speeds. As a result, it is critical to reduce engine speed while increasing torque at the rear wheels.


  • Height: 11.4 ft
  • Length: 265.8 in
  • Width: 12.5 ft
  • Shipping weight: 19729.2 lbs

Engine type: Turbocharged, Cummins N14

Vehicle type: Four-wheel Drive (4WD) tractor

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 31 gal

New Holland 9682 Tractor

Tractor Service Manual

The following New Holland 9682 Tractor repair manual are available to servicers of the machine. Components are included with a service manual:

  • Introduction
  • Engine
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical system
  • Transmission
  • Axles
  • Brake system
  • Power take-off system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Steering system
  • Shielding/frames
  • Cab
  • Climate control
  • Three-point hitch system

New Holland 9682 Tractor repair manuals are designed for technicians and dealerships to use. Every tractor owner should have a New Holland Tractor Manual on hand while doing maintenance or repairs on his or her tractor.

New Holland 9682 Tractor Repair Manual
New Holland 9682 Tractor Repair Manual

Design, Functionality, and Quality

A differential unit is a gearbox configuration that allows one of the rear wheels to spin faster or slower than the others. While turning the tractor along a curved route, the inner wheel must travel a shorter path than the outer wheel. When compared to the outer wheel, the inner wheel uses less power. Consequently, this criterion is satisfied by a differential unit. This device allows one of the New Holland tractors to travel quicker than the other wheels at a turning point. In power trains, the final drive is a gear reduction unit. The Final drive eventually delivers power to the rear axle and wheels.

The 9682 Tractor steering system controls the angular movement of the tractor’s front wheels. As a result, the arrangement decreases the work required to spin the front wheels. The integrated hydraulic control system lifts or holds mounted and semi-mounted equipment. Thus, the hydraulic control system operates a three-point hitch on a New Holland tractor.

The 9682 belt pulley delivers power from the tractor to the machinery through a belt. Accordingly, it may power threshers, pumps, cutters, and other devices. The belt pulley may be found on a New Holland tractor’s left, right, or backside.

Tractor tyres are available in various sizes and ply levels, such as 2, 6, or 8. (The ply rating of a tire indicates its relative strength). To that end, the tires on the NH 9682 are high grade, and are stronger. Front-wheel drive using a front axle. It is an idler wheel that steers the tractor in different directions. The Cummins engine of operates at high speeds, while the rear wheels of the New Holland tractor demand more torque and lower speeds. As a result, it is critical to reduce engine speed while increasing torque at the rear wheels.