1982 Ford Bronco

If we talk about sport utility vehicles, it is impossible to overlook the 1982 Ford Bronco. It is manufactured and marketed by Ford and is one of the best-selling nameplates of Ford in the United States. Its first-generation model by Ford was sold from beginning in 1966. The 2021 model year introduces the 6th generation. The same nameplate is used on several other Ford SUVs from 1984 to 1990.

It has come in compact, full-size, and mid-size SUV forms in all its 6th generations. The earlier models presented a 2-door SUV. They are for sale in the new year models, but the four-door version introduced in 2021.

Its initial model’s design is a compact off-road vehicle with its chassis. Ford increased the size of the Bronco and made it a short-wheelbase version of the F-series pickup truck.

It is one of the discontinued vehicles but had to come back into the market because of increased demand. Ford discontinued the Bronco nameplate after 1996. They replaced it with the Ford Expedition because of the high demand for four-door SUVs. However, after 25 years, Ford had to bring back the 6th generation Bronco as a mid-sized 2-door SUV in 2021.

This article will talk about the famous third-generation 1982 Ford Bronco.

Introduction to 1982 Ford Bronco:

The Ford Bronco was a family utility vehicle with four wheels popular for its maneuverability and roomy interior. To that end, the Bronco is capable of accommodating 6 adults with optional front and rear bench seats. Additional features like twin traction beam independent front suspension, 2-speed transfer case, twin traction beam, and optional automatic locking hubs support its built-tough features. All of Bronco’s toughness and utility come in a choice of three distinctive trim levels.

The standard Bronco has AM radio, inside hood release, power-operated tailgate window, dwell bright outside mirrors and more. The XLT lariat trim is the top-of-the-line for the Bronco. Consequently, it comes with special and optional touches inside. If you want a youthful, sporty look with your car, the new XLS package, fulfills your requirements. XLS adds a special flair to the four-wheel fun.

1982 Ford Bronco Wiring Diagram

Trim levels of 1982 Ford Bronco:

The 1982 Ford Bronco has the following trims:

  • Standard Bronco
  • Bronco XLT lariat
  • Bronco XLS

Standard Bronco trim:

The standard Bronco exterior features black front and rear bumpers with a black grille: bright windshields feature the moldings. However, the brushed aluminum tailgate is not available. Its floor covering is color-keyed, and the instrumental panel is padded and color-keyed with black applique. The day-night mirror is optional with the convenience group, and the seat trims are vinyl. Having a look at the Bronco wiring diagrams has left the experts amazed by its world-class engineering.

XLT lariat trim:

Fender rear bumpers of XLT Lariat trim are bright with a black grille. Similarly, unique bright hubcaps are standard on all its models. Additionally, accompanying body side molding accent tape stripe is standard, along with the brushed aluminum tailgate and dome lamp. The instrument panel consists of simulated wood tone applique and bright moldings.

XLS trim:

The front and rear bumpers of XLS trim are black gloss on the front and rear with the black gloss grille, black gloss windshield molding, and black gloss treatment on headlamp doors and around the window, door handles, locks, mirrors, and tailgate lock are standard. Subsequently, door trim panel with bright surround and brushed aluminum applique and steering wheel trim are standard on all models. The seat covering consists of cloth and vinyl.


The 1982 Bronco has clean, attractive lines displaying the way form and function combine in a four-wheel drive vehicle for up to six people. Therefore, Bronco is engineered for toughness on the road and off. With a rugged ladder-type frame, an internal front axle skid plate, and peri-metric steel belted radial tires, Bronco is a rugged 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency:

Gas mileage has become a major concern to everyone in this era of rising fuel prices. Ford recognizes the need for fuel efficiency. 1982 Bronco gas mileage estimates are 24 MPG on the highway and 17 MPG with an optional 4-speed manual transmission. With Bronco’s optional maximum capacity fuel tank, you can go longer between fill-ups, I.e., 768 miles highway range and 544 miles city range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year of the Ford Bronco is considered the best?

1974 is often considered the best year. It features a sleek design and an efficient driver’s station.

What is the oldest Ford Bronco?

The first generation Bronco was from 1966-1977

What are the two styles of Bronco?

The two configurations are 2-door and 4-door.