Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator

Excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, and trash handlers of the highest caliber are produced by Hyundai Construction Equipment. They all are manufactured for use in the building, demolition, quarrying, forestry, recycling, and waste management industries. In order to suit the demands of the industry, the brand built these excavators to reach innovative, sustainable, and high-quality standards. The Hyundai product line includes wheeled, crawler, and mini excavators, as well as wheel loaders, trash handlers, and ADTs. This article will focus on the Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator.

All Hyundai excavators have lightning-quick cycle times, strong hydraulic force, and pinpoint control. Reliable output is more than just a guarantee at Hyundai. Thousands of hours of hard workloads and external impact are handled by the sturdy upper and lower frame construction.

Hyundai crawler excavators provide outstanding performance in a variety of sectors throughout the world. In off-road applications, this machine provides exceptional stability and optimized weight distribution. They range in weight from 13 to 120 tons, for use in heavy digging, lifting, and grading operations, and are long-lasting with little downtime.

Hyundai’s excavators are many companies’ top choice for various earthmoving tasks.

What type of Equipment is the Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator

The Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator has a 31.1-foot maximum cutting height (9 m). The maximum digging depth is 22.2 ft (7 m), while the maximum vertical wall digging depth is 20.1 ft (6 m), and the top loading height is 21.9 ft (6 m). Its ground reach is 32.1 feet (10 m). The unit’s shipping height and length are 9.9 feet (3 meters) and 31.3 feet (9 meters), respectively.

The Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator’s reference bucket capacity is 1.3 cubic yds (1 m). Ground clearance is 1.6 feet (0 meters), the top of the cab is 9.6 feet (3 meters), and the overall length of the track on the ground is approximately 12 feet (4 m). The tail swing radius is 9.1 feet (3m), and the total removal counterweight clearance is 3.5 feet (1 m). The distance from the track’s outside is 9.9 feet (3 meters).

Powertrain and Performance

The Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator has the engine Model D6BT-C having net power of 157 hp (117 kW). Its maximum torque is 412.1 lbs/ft. The resulting torque and power measured are 1600 rpm and 1950 rpm, respectively.

The Hyundai ROBEX 210LC-3 excavator has a Cummins six-cylinder, 130hp turbocharged diesel engine and has 5867 hours per meter. It includes a 40″ fast detach bucket, 24 triple grouser pads, an 18’8″ boom, a 9’7″ arm, and auxiliary hydraulics.

Hyundai Robex Excavator

The total engine oil capacity of the Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator is 47.6 gal (178 l). As a result, the fuel capacity is around about 89.9 gals (337 l) to keep the machine powered for long periods.

The hydraulic pump flow capacity of the Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator is 116.3 gal/min (439 l/min), and the hydraulic system fluid capacity is 47.6 gal (178l). It has the hydraulic system relief valve pressure ( 52.3 psi) and almost 47399.4 lbs (21,500 kg) operating weight.

The Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator Interior

The Hyundai Excavator series gives you a better operating experience. Hyundai engineers envisioned the elegance and technology seen in contemporary luxury automobiles. This is one of the main reasons why the interior of the Hyundai Excavator is advanced and comfortable.

A quieter cab exists in the Hyundai Excavator by adding sound insulation and lowering in-cab sound levels by as much as 4 dBA. There are currently 9 vents in it, 2 of which adjust for facial ventilation.

For a better visibility, the front glass is flat. Subsequently, this removes any distortion that curved glass can cause. There is also an automatic engine shutdown option that aids in reducing fuel use. Additionally, to save the operator fuel, the machine’s engine will automatically switch down after a fixed number of minutes of inactivity. The Hyundai Excavator parts catalog will provide you with a good insight into more supplemental parts for this excavator.

Additional Interior Features of the Hyundai ROBEX 210 LC-3 Excavator

  • Its convenient cab storage includes some useful options, including the hot and cool box, huge baggage compartment with a net, tiny cup holder and cigarette lighter, sunglass case, and large cup holder and storage tray.
  • Additionally, it offers a cutting-edge Bluetooth radio with an mp3 connector and hands-free phone functions.
  • The HX Excavator Series offers 13% additional floor area than the prior 9A series for improved comfort.
  • For a push-button keyless entry system with a key knob, smart keys are now optional.
  • The cab has a heated air-ride seat that can be fully tailored to each operator’s preferences in order to increase operator efficiency.
Hyundai Parts Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of a Hyunday 210 Excavator?

According to the specifications found in the parts manual, the 210 Excavator weighs 50,460 lbs.

How much weight can the 210 lift?

23,950 LBS

What is the max grade for safety on an Excavator?

Anything over a 70% slope, or 35 degree grade is dangerous