Hyundai Construction Equipment

In 1985, the company was established as the construction equipment development R&D lab of the Hyundai heavy industries corporation. Later, it was separated as a division of the construction equipment business of Hyundai Heavy Industries corporation and completed its first phase of construction of the plant while signing a forklift production agreement with the United States. It started its sales in the domestic market in 1988 with a medium-sized excavator model. It expanded the factory in 1989 and launched the Robex series of medium-sized excavators in addition to developing a wheel loader that exported to Europe.

Growth and Mergers

It constructed its second factory in 1991 and merged with Hyundai Heavy Industries corporation limited in 1993. The Robex 3 Series excavators came out in 1994 with a new concept. Following its success, a local assembly plant is established in Belgium in 1995, and more plants are built worldwide. The next few years of the century were about leading the future with the most thoughtful and innovative industrial solutions.

It produced more than 50,000 units of construction equipment within the shortest span in Korea. In 2005, its traditional reach forklift is awarded the best design product at the Hong Kong design exhibition. It reached the 1,00,000 units construction equipment milestone in the same year.

In 2016, it received another prize in the construction materials category at the Korea construction culture awards. More branches are established in Turkey, India, Russia, and UAE before launching nine series of excavators in 2009.

A new product, I.e., a wheel loader, rolled out of its plant in China in 2010, and it had produced more than 500,000 units of construction equipment by 2015 worldwide. To date, it has created a lot of innovation centers, core committees, and auction businesses in different parts of the world. It still earns society’s respect and trust through customer satisfaction and sustainability.

What is HCE?

Hyundai Construction Equipment HCE is a specialized manufacturer of construction equipment such as backhoe loaders, skid loaders, wheel loaders, and excavators. It is now distributed across 140 countries through 500 dealer networks.

Hyundai Construction

The company is improving its wheel loaders, excavators, and other construction equipment with automatic control systems, and driver-oriented convenience. It has introduced a product data management system to manage data more efficiently and reduce the process cycle time.

Hyundai Vision For Growth and Success

Hyundai features ergonomic designs and installs advanced technologies, and promotes smart construction through Hyundai Connect. The company is simultaneously working to produce eco-friendly energy solutions. It works hard to increase customer trust and strengthen the financing function to extend its financial support services to customers. Additionally, Hyundai is now promoting direct exports to secure a place in new markets by recruiting new dealers for sales.

Top excavator models of Hyundai:

Hyundai has been producing world-class excavators to add convenience to construction work. Each excavator model comes with a Hyundai excavator parts catalog that speaks for the focus and efficiency of its engineering.

Hyundai HW140A:

The HW140A has the best productivity and fuel efficiency. It offers ultimate durability with better weight balance, a durable cooling module, high-grade hoses, and enhanced axle durability.

Auto safety lock, electronic swing parking brake control, radar with the second monitor, rear and mirror view camera, cruise control and speed limiter, seatbelt warning signal, and cabin suspension mount offer the ultimate safe environment and prevents various workplace accidents.

Hyundai Forklift Parts Manual

It is also popular for its easy control and comfortable operation.

Hyundai HW210:

The 210 excavator has exceeded the customer’s expectations. This was done with maximum work supported by an ECO gauge, new variable power control, attachment flow control, an enlarged air inlet with a grill cover, and cycle time improvement. It is more reliable and sustainable because of its wear-resistant cover plate and durable cooling module. Its infotainment frontier includes intelligent and wide clusters with haptic control and operating stimulation for joy and achievement, along with new audio and a/c system.

It also offers modern comfort, simple and safe solutions with a VM, easy access to DEF, a swing lock system, and fine swing control. However, most of these features are optional.

Hyundai HX900L:

This Hyundai excavator is a mixture of the spirit of initiative, tenacity, and creativity. The HX900L offers thorough monitoring while maximizing field productivity with optimum fuel economy and performance.

It offers great performance with high fuel efficiency, tier-four final engine ECO gauge, fuel efficiency information, improved cooling performance, and maximized workability at night. Technological advances have hyped it more because of its drive motor, improved durability of the boom, reinforced upper and lower frame, and ultra-hard and wear-resistant plate. Its characteristic features are maximized convenience with cutting-edge technology and convenient and safe solutions offering great serviceability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Hyundai excavators?

Hyundai Heavy Industries, a South Korean company, is the manufacturer of Hyundai excavators. Hyundai has subsequently become one of the largest shipbuilding and heavy equipment manufacturing companies in the world.

Where are Hyundai excavators built?

Hyundai excavators are produced in manufacturing facilities in South Korea, China, the United States. However, manufacturing also occurs in other countries around the world.

What engines do Hyundai excavators use?

Hyundai excavators use a variety of diesel engines from different manufacturers such as Hyundai Motors, Cummins, and Mitsubishi. The engines used in Hyundai excavators are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and low emissions.

Who is Hyundai’s biggest competitor?

A few examples of competition for Hyundai Construction Equipment HCE are companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Hitachi.