1994 Ford Ranger

Ford’s popular nameplate, known as Ford Ranger, comes under the category of pickup trucks; therefore, manufacturers and markets in northern South America. Introduced in 1982 for the next year’s model, and it is one of the Ford nameplates there have survived so far; thus, it is currently in its fourth generation. This article will focus on the 1994 Ford Ranger.

The first Ford Ranger was produced at an assembly plant in Louisville for the first few years. Later, its manufacturing shifted to Minnesota’s Twin Cities assembly plant. The nameplate was discontinued for a short time, but Ford revealed the return of Ranger and Bronco as 2019 model year vehicles at the 2017 North American international auto show.

In this long period, the Ford Ranger has produced many variants, including the Ford Ranger EV, Mazda-B series, and South American production version. It has always acted as a close rival to Chevrolet S-10 and Colorado; However, Ford Ranger was been the best-selling compact truck in the United States for over a decade.

The Ford Ranger has been the best selling automobile for a few years. It is particularly famous for certain years, such as the 1994 Ranger that we will discuss in this write-up.

Introduction to 1994 Ford Ranger:

In 1994, America’s best-selling compact pickup, the recently redesigned 1994 Ford Ranger, continues to move forward with an exciting new super cab model. This model has a swept and aerodynamic lock and offers a smooth and comfortable ride with a refined interior. It is tough enough to handle considerable payloads and has more versatility than a car.

One can choose from the 4X2 or the rugged 4X4 with a bold, distinctive look. One can also choose between the regular cab and super cab body styles. Whether you select the Ranger splash, the value-packed XLT, the gutsy STX, the rugged XL, or the eye-catching XL Sport, you will be getting a compact pickup with a solid reputation for toughness and a long history of success.


The interior of the 94 Ranger is very welcoming, simultaneously treating its passengers like guests. Whether you choose the regular cab model or a spacious, super cab, you are sure to enjoy the contemporary look and feel of its popular compact pickup.

Ranger comfort comes in a variety of styles. Full-length bench, 60/40 split-bench, sport buckets or captain’s chairs – within the Ranger line, there is bound to be a seating arrangement just right for your trucking style. It offers great driving convenience with great attention to the smallest details. Instrumentation such as fuel, oil pressure gauges, voltmeter, and temperature are placed for maximum readability. Controls are easy to access and identify to ease the operation.

The Engineering of the 1994 Ford Ranger:

Ranger is engineered to do tough jobs easily and to make fun trips more fun with the peppy 3-liter I4, powerful 3-liter V6, and 4-liter V6 engines. They all incorporate the technology of multi-port electronic fuel injection for precise fuel metering. Twin I-beam 4X2 and twin traction beam 4X4 suspensions with nitrogen gas pressurized shocks promote excellent ride and handling. The thoughtful engineering doesn’t leave a lot of margins for the issues and defects, but the Ford Ranger service manual can help if any problem arises.

Ranger’s smooth, rounded sheet metal, arrow design functional items such as lamps, mirrors, handles, flash glass, and concealed drip moldings combined to help reduce wind noise around the passenger compartment, making the ride more pleasant and calmer.

Ford Ranger Repair Manual
1994 Ford Ranger Repair Manual


Safety is a huge concern for the driver of the 1994 Ford Ranger. Many of its features, such as power for passing, are related to its safety. Furthermore, Ford Ranger features specific safety measures like power brakes. For example, included is a standard rear antilock system that helps you come to a straighter stop, should braking-induced rear wheel lockup occur. Guard beams are standard on all Ranger models in the doors.


The exterior sheet metal of the Ford Ranger has an aerodynamic look due in part to smooth corners, common limousine-style doors, and glass components that are flush with the body. The tough all-welded pickup box features double-wall construction and an easily removable tailgate. It ensures the easy loading and unloading of the luggage.

It has nitrogen gas-pressurized shock absorbers that improve ride quality by minimizing the shocks caused by bumps. Its body styling and suspension design allow for a wide range of available tires. These models’ standard power front disc or rear drum brakes are equipped with the computer-controlled rear antilock system. Accordingly, this inhibits breaking and used rear wheel lockup under most driving conditions. Ranger uses two-sided galvanized steel extensively to help protect against corrosion. You can get optional fog lamps that help clear the way. The remote entry system provides added security, and the rear antilock brakes can help you come to smoother stops.

Personalizing 1994 Ford Ranger:

Personalization is a big part of owning a truck, owing to the different sorts of tasks that are performed. Ford Ranger offers tremendous flexibility, as many optional Ford accessories are available to help you style your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of the 1994 Ford Ranger?

An owner can expect a 94 Ford Ranger to get around 200K-250K miles before a major overhaul is needed.

What are the most common problems owners reported with their Rangers?

Gearbox slipping, Crankshaft seal leak, A/C problems, & Crankshaft sensor problems.