1987 Ford Taurus

Ford Motor Company introduced its first Taurus in 1986. Ford produced its six generations over 34 years, taking a brief break between 2006 and 2007. This article will focus on the 1987 Ford Taurus.

However, the 1987 Ford Taurus holds great significance for being one of the earliest models from the first generation.

Introduction to the Ford Taurus:

It won’t be untrue to claim that Ford has created new standards of quality in the American automobile industry. The Ford Taurus is just one of the lineups that confirmed Ford’s commitment to quality and performance. Stories captured numerous prestigious automotive awards and the attention and admiration of the American car-driving public in its first year. These official acknowledgments are great, but what matters the most is how the marketplace reacts to the Taurus. Americans welcomed Ford Taurus as a product of a new philosophy taking shape at Ford in those years. This philosophy has undoubtedly led Ford to further success in the future.

Ford Taurus Configurations:

The Ford Motor Company has released the 1987 Ford Taurus in different configurations, including the following.

  • Taurus LX is the most luxurious configuration with luxury cloth seat materials and a unique new style. A V6 engine, automatic overdrive transaxle, and many convenience items make owning this Taurus a pleasure.
  • Taurus wagon models come with the attributes of good driveability, comfort, and versatility. Taurus wagons are available in L, GL, LX, and MT-5 trim levels.
  • Taurus GL is the mid-series Taurus with plenty of comfort and convenience items. Choose from reclining squad bench or bucket seats. Electronic AM/FM stereo search radio, dual electric mirrors, and interval wipers are standard features.
  • Taurus MT-5 illustrates a different side of Taurus,i.e., being perfect for your growing tastes and family.

The Driver Controls:

The electronic instrument cluster is one example of the attention paid that helps the driver maintain control. It is open on all Taurus models and includes an electronic digital speedometer/ order meter, electronic tachometer, mechanical fuel and temperature gauges, and English/ metric conversion functions. TripMinder is a computer that calculates and displays script average fuel economy, instantaneous fuel economy, distance to empty, trip distance, low fuel alert, low oil alert, speed alarm, and service interval reminder.

It also has a system scanner that checks door ajar, lift kit ajar in wagons, headlamp out, tail lamp out, brake lamp out, and low washer fluid each time the car is started. The scanner displays “NORMAL” if all systems are operating properly. If a problem is found, the system displays a message.

Driver and Passenger Comfort:

The seats of the 1987 Ford Taurus are designed to help eliminate fatigue during prolonged riding situations. Their final design results from over three years and 1,00,000 miles of testing. The seat covers are cloth tri-laminate fabric for comfort and an excellent fit. High-density foam pads provide comfort with no hard or soft spots.

Interior of the 1987 Ford Taurus:

The interior cabin of the Taurus is loaded with many conveniences offering greater comfort to the driver. The non-power front seats, flight bench and buckets, split bench, and 11-inch-wide seat track release bars make it easy to adjust the seats.

The inward safety belt buckles on the front seats anchor to the seat tracks to minimize belt adjustment.

The Technical Perspective:

A glance at the Ford Taurus parts diagram tells a lot about its technical perspective, including its electronic fuel-injected V6 engine standard in LX and all wagon models except MT-5. The automatic overdrive transmission is so well designed that it requires zero scheduled maintenance.

All do-it-yourself fluid checks are arranged for easy access and are color-coded for easy identification, and the hood features gas-charged struts, that assist in raising the hood, and holds it open without using a prop rod.

The 1987 Ford Taurus parts diagram also mentions the 20-inch windshield wipers.. This aids visibility and flush glass all around, aid aerodynamic efficiency, reduces wind noise, and adds to the overall appearance.

Front seat headrests in GL, LX, and MT-5 adjust four ways such as up, down, forward, and back. The rear seat passengers have beat ducts and wide foot room for added comfort. Meanwhile, all doors of the Ford Taurus 1987 include reflectors and operate the interior courtesy light.