Kenworth T800

The renowned Kenworth T800 is the epitome of a workhorse. This truck is as at home moving stone out of a quarry or delivering fuel across town as it is transporting freight from coast to coast. Imagine the benefits of having a single basic chassis capable of practically any task you throw at it. In addition, the T800 was designed to withstand abuse and has shown to be extremely difficult to crack.


Additional Payload:

Because the front axle of the T800 is set back by 48.5 inches, you transfer more of the vehicle’s weight to the front end, allowing you to make full use of the rated capacity of the front end. Every load benefits financially from an increase in payload proportional to the weight that can be moved lawfully to the front axle.

Increased Adaptability:

The Kenworth T800‘s innovative steering geometry delivers maximum wheel cut and also features a compact turning radius even with flotation-type tires and front drive axle combinations. This is possible even with the T800’s sophisticated steering geometry. With a sharply slanted hood and strategically positioned windows of substantial proportions, this advantage boosts a driver’s confidence in confined spaces.

More Control:

The Kenworth T800 uses advanced ergonomic concepts and cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture vehicles that are simpler and more secure for drivers to operate. Using a multi-function steering wheel, clutchless automated and automatic gearboxes, multiplexed instruments, and wireless communication systems all contribute to a less taxing and more productive operation.


Your design options include cutting-edge technology and a wide range of time-tested. Additionally, industrial-grade components that can support gross vehicle weights of up to 330,000 pounds—engines with the maximum possible horsepower. Radiators measure between 1,440 and 1,780 square inches in surface area— as well as axles in front that can support up to 22,000 pounds. Dual steer front axles, however, may support up to 37,500 pounds.

Kenworth T800
Kenworth Custom Shop Manual


Truck drivers are able to monitor their fuel, vehicle, and safety systems while behind the wheel. Kenworth gives you the industry’s first screen of this size to include full color and a high resolution. One look provides all the information you need.

Interior Styling Options

Whether you choose the standard Splendor interior or the upscale Diamond Upholstery package, both allow you to perform at your very best. You maintain the highest level of performance. You relax in an atmosphere reminiscent of home. Kenworth T800 Owners and Repair Manuals may assist you with all aspects of operation and maintenance.


Kenworth has been known for producing reliable vehicles that are both powerful and lightweight. Kenworth semi trucks have an unrivaled capacity to not fall apart. They complete the task at hand, need less money to maintain, and allow their owners to recoup their initial expenditures.


Try slamming the door on an old Kenworth that’s been around for ten years. You will find it is just as sturdy as the day the vehicle was driven away from the plant. The conventional cab of the Kenworth is known for its legendary durability and reliability. It is constructed out of aluminum and fiberglass in a Huckbolted construction, which is consequently almost impervious to corrosion and devoid of rattles.

Production Details

Then there are all of the little details that contribute to the smooth operation. The wiring and piping are bundled together and positioned high in the frame. Shackle pins and bushings should be rubber-bushed to enhance steering and prolong the life of the suspension. Constant torque hose clamps. Tie rods for the radiator are attached to the frame rather than the cab. This results in longer life for the radiator. Paying this kind of attention to detail is what will keep you one step ahead of the competition.


For ease of access, the engine is mounted high in the frame in front of the cab. You perform service and maintenance tasks while standing on the ground. The HVAC motors, electrical connections, windshield wiper motor, and washer reservoir are easy to access and mounted on the firewall.

Cooling System Serviceability

Now, pay particular attention to the cooling system for the engine. Straight portions of reinforced rubber hose are included on a T800. The T800 integrates steel elbows, which are excellent for a lifetime of service, and corrosion-resistant. You will also find Kenworth Repair Manuals Online.

Electrical System Serviceability

Even the electrical system has been built to be long-lasting and easy to fix. The use of multiplex instrumentation makes the cab wiring far simpler, and it is also color-coded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Class is the Kenworth T800?

The T800 is considered a Class 8 truck.

What is the most popular Kenworth model?

Though many models are very popular, one of the most well-known models remains the Kenworth W900.

How much HP does the T800 have?

The Kenworth T800 is rated to output around 600-625HP.