2005 Ford Taurus

The Taurus, a highly demanded sedan, was one of the ‘mainstay’ vehicles of Ford for years. It was undoubtedly America’s best-selling car once for which it has its name well sustained and kept throughout the world. This sedan is best for families, especially in the middle class. It is not too expensive, surely not too cheap either, but offers a variety of features those other sedans of the same type offer at a comparatively higher price. Ford is an old renowned car maker and never fails to make its customers well content with its high-quality, price-worthy products. The 2005 Ford Taurus is no exception


EngineGas V6, 3.0L
Power153 hp @ 4900 rpm
Fuel25 MPG
Transmission 4-speed automatic transmission w/OD
Torque 185 @ 3950 rpm
Seating6 people
DriveFront-wheel drive
Steering typePwr Rack & Pinion
2005 Ford Taurus

Owner’s Manual

The 2005 Ford Taurus Owner’s Manual covers the specs, operation, and routine maintenance of the vehicle. The Ford Taurus Repair Manual, owner’s manual, parts catalog and supplementary service manual types can also be found online.


The Ford Taurus is made to be cost-effective while providing every possible feature one might require from a basic car. It has a powerful engine, but not too powerful which offers excellent mileage. It can accommodate a maximum of up to 6 people easily. Has a good automatic transmission and whatnot? Making it perfectly valuable for whatever the cost of this sedan is. Ford has always maintained good standards on their quality thus people can blindly trust the making of this car and buy it without any worries.


Since this sedan was specifically made to be a pretty cost-effective car, especially for middle-class people, the base price of this sedan is $21,200. This is the primary model and with better amenities and a rise in models, this price goes up to almost $23,545. Even at the first glance, this seems to be a pretty good, basic, and economical price for a sedan that can easily carry up to more than 4 people. On average, cars of this type ordinarily charge way higher than this.

Models and their prices:

The 2005 Ford Taurus has 4 trim levels. It firstly comes in two types, the sedan shape, and the wagon shape. Further, both shapes have two models that are SE and SEL. Their price discrimination is:

Sedan SE$21,200
Sedan SEL$23,130
Wagon SE$22,555
Wagon SEL$23,545.

The difference between the prices of the models shows very few variations, of almost $1000 or $2000, this is because of the very few differences among them all. The Sedan and Wagon tend to be more different. The 2005 Ford Taurus accommodates a maximum of up to 5 people whereas the Wagon can accommodate almost 8 people. The frame differs quite a lot, the wagon having no trunk space whereas the Sedan has good trunk space. Rest are the apparent bodily changes also explained by their names. What is of interest of the main specs of all these 4 models are almost the same, this includes the engine type, transmission, mileage, colors, etc. The main difference can only be seen in all of their seating capacity. To highlight this more, this is how they differ:

Sedan SE6
Sedan SEL5
Wagon SE8
Wagon SEL7

What’s new?

The main highlighted feature of this Sedan could surely be said to be how many options the customer has in it. With no compromise in the engine capabilities, the consumer can now choose 4 different types with minute charge differences, according to the number of accommodations they require.

This was made possible by the sedan and wagon body differences. The 4-speed automatic system is surely a ground-breaker in this sedan’s case. They also have an optional side-impact airbag, which means the consumer can choose to whether install them or not. Not to forget how roomy its interior is. Which surely does make it outstanding from other sedans of its line. The spacious trunk has always been a specialty of Ford Taurus which is also now available in their new models, the rear backseat can easily be folded to create more trunk space if required.  It has a fancy wood look interior adding giving a luxurious look from the inside with simple and easy-to-use panels.


Many cars tend to give good competition to this Ford Taurus, such as:

  1. 2005 Mercury Stable

This sedan could be said to give one-on-one competition to the 2005 Ford Taurus. The specs of this car are the same as Taurus with a slight difference of Mercury being more powerful and $265 higher in price.

  • Chevrolet Impala

this car too is considered quite a direct competitor to Taurus. What makes this car outstand from Taurus is its excellent milage that can go up to 29 to 30 MPG.  

  • Buick LaCrosse

Another familiar sedan gives a pretty direct opposition to Taurus. What’s populous about this car is how its mileage to reaches 30 and how it has an option of a V6 engine. the best part of this car is its high-class interior. Which includes appalling light technologies and interactive entertainment systems.

Good or Bad?

While making a final judgment, it has to be assessed what are the pros and cons both of any car. In conclusion, it could be said that the best part of this 2005 Ford Taurus is its spacious room interior with ample flexibility in models for the consumers. Plus, it’s high mileage and of course the costs. Its seats and its performance too have been seen to be undoubtedly up to the mark. The only poor factor seen could be its aging design. The current design of the car is for sure outdated as compared to many other sedans available. The handling of this car has also shown to be a bit risky, but rarely. Thus, the pros outweigh the cons here clearly.

To buy or not?

With verified opinions from 58 users of this car, 91% of them recommended this car and said “Best car I have ever used”. Ratings from these users combined to be 4.2/5, which is a good result.