2007 Hino 268

With its headquarters in Hino, Tokyo, Hino Motors and also known as Hino. It is a Japanese company that produces diesel engines for trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. As a corporate spin-off from earlier manufacturers, the company was founded in 1942. In addition, Hino Motors makes up a substantial portion of the Nikkei 225 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This article will focus on the 2007 Hino 268.

It is one of the 16 key businesses that make up the Toyota Group and a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. Hino is widely recognized in more than 11 important nations, including Pakistan, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and the US.

To offer goods and services that are secure, of the highest magnitude, and beneficial to the client’s businesses, Hino Motors asserts that they transmit their technology and expertise while retaining creation, innovation, and kaizen.

The external grab grips, deep all-weather grip steps, and extra wide door apertures of the Hino L Series cab make entry and egress safe and simple. The driver has the greatest visibility largely due to the 2,385 square windshield, adjustable LED headlights, and a high driving position. 2007 Hino 268 is one of them.

Hino 268 Workshop Manual
Hino 268 Workshop Manual

Driveline system of Hino 268

The Hino 268 has a gross vehicle weight of 25,950. The J08E engine of the Hino 268 produces 230 horsepower and 520 pound-feet of torque. The Allison Transmission has a five-year, unlimited-mile warranty, which implies that it accelerates more quickly and runs at high average speeds. The Dana Spicer driveshaft of the Hino 268 provides excellent torque and durability. Another feature of this vehicle is a DAVCO heated gasoline filter, which is a cutting-edge filtration method.

With the help of INSIGHT Telematics, you can track idling periods, hard braking, speed, position, distance traveled, and much more. This feature comes standard with Hino vehicles.

The use of top-notch oil, which will safeguard your engine, is the most crucial factor. DD13 Scuffing Test results show that Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 10W-30 offers six times more protection than Detroit Diesel.

Reliability and Comfort of 2007 Hino 268

The Hino 268 has established a reputation for offering the lowest cost of ownership in its class. The Hino 268 is the perfect heavy truck for pick-up and delivery, rental agreements, and moving businesses due to its excellent fuel economy, shown durability, and strong residual value. Unprecedented visibility is provided by the elevated driving position, which gives the driver a broader view of the road while still giving them an excellent sense of the hood’s corners.

Hino268 has 34 inches frame rails which are mechanically supporting all the components of the truck powerfully. The chrome heated mirrors are also included in its specification, which provides the safest drive. You will find front and rear axles from Meritor on the Hino 268 truck because they are simply the best money can buy. The Hino 268 service manual is being prepared to provide information regarding repair procedures in the trucks.

But on the other hand, the transmission light can sometimes cause problems while you are driving (the light turns on).  

Fuel Efficiency

With an average mileage of 3.3 miles per gallon, the 2007 Hino 268 has outstanding fuel efficiency. In contrast to other trucks, which offer 1.5 miles per gallon, fuel, repairs, and upkeep are substantially less expensive with this low-maintenance, dependable vehicle.

Other specifications

AC standard and CD are available in the Hino 268 series. Improved flexibility and a fully welded steel cab are present in Hino 268 for a smoother ride. Hino 268 has six wheels and six tires with a specific brand pattern. It has an automatic adjustment hydraulic system with disc brakes on the front and back wheels.

The front disc diameter; has a pad dimension of (cm2): 390.5 x 122.3 x 18.8 x thickness: 15.375 x 18.96 x 0.74 mm (in.) and 390.5 x 122.3 x 18.8 in the backside (15.375 x 18.96 x 0.74).

A valve is located in the exhaust pipe on the electric-pneumatic exhaust brake. Steering column with lock, tilt and telescopic, a hydraulic booster is built into the rotating ball. While buying Hino 268, the warranties include protection for your new Hino truck’s vital powertrain mechanisms and the electrical systems and other components you depend on daily at work. Even though Hino trucks are dependable, they occasionally require urgent repairs. In this case, a Hino warranty can protect you.

Investment of Value

Hino, a division of the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation, customizes the Toyota Production System to guarantee the caliber of its goods. Hino 268 has developed a reputation for durability on the road over the past three decades. The best engineering practices have been used to create the Hino 268 truck. You may increase your output and productivity with its help because it is made to withstand rough terrain for longer. Hino 268 truck is durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of the Hino truck?

With good care and maintenance, you can get a million miles out of your Hino.

What is the Gross Vehicle Weight of the Hino 268?

The GVW of the Hino 268 is 26000 lbs

What engines are in Hino Trucks?

Hino is using Cummins engines