A wide variety of forestry operations can be performed by Cat® forest machines, which are adaptable and purpose-built. 300 Series forest machines have become industry standard in numerous forestry industry applications since their debut in the 1990s. The all-new 500 Series will maintain this high level of innovation. Today’s U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions criteria are met by the 568, the first model in the new family. The Caterpillar 568 FM LL Excavator has greater power, better hydraulics, longer track frames, and ground-level access for maintenance, so it’s more stable. Road construction, site preparation, and processing are offered in a general-purpose forestry configuration. It is available in a loader configuration for log loading, shoveling, butt-n-top loading, and mill yard applications.

Performance and Fuel Economy

Its hydraulic counterpart is an implement or work tool’s hp (horsepower). Much more than simply an engine’s horsepower, Caterpillar machines have a unique core strength that sets them apart from their competitors’ offerings. Pump and other system changes allowed the 568 to produce hydraulic horsepower than the preceding series. Thus, more goods may be transported in less time.

Caterpillar 568 FM LL Excavator

The Caterpillar 568 FM LL excavator has a high-pressure system that allows it to handle the most difficult jobs quickly. Main control valves have been resized and reshaped to increase efficiency and serviceability. Subsequently, auxiliary hydraulic lines and valve configurations have been streamlined for improved dependability using a new one-piece, cast-block back-to-back main control valve.

A new electronic valve controlled by the excavator’s enhanced Electronic Control Module powers the 568’s swing priority circuit (ECM). Using an electronic valve instead of a hydraulic one provides more precise control during material loading.


  • Engine type: Cat C9.3
  • Fuel capacity: 163.80 gal

CATERPILLAR 568 FM LL EXCAVATOR Factory Service Manual

The Caterpillar 568 excavator service manual is a thorough guide, reviewing and describing every operation and maintenance element. Similarly, the manual covers diagnostic and complete repairing procedures.

Caterpillar 568 FM LL Service Manual

CATERPILLAR 568 FM LL EXCAVATOR repair manuals are intended for technicians and dealerships to regularly maintain and repair vehicles. Furthermore, the owner may use these service instructions to verify that any maintenance or repairs are done properly and exactly on every occasion.

Design, Comfort, and Quality

Air suspension, basic heating, and a heated and air-cooled option are all part of the new seat lineup. Consequently, to suit the comfort and productivity requirements of operators, each seat has a reclining back, higher and lower seat sliding adjustments, and height and tilt angle adjustments. Accordingly, adjusting the right and left joystick consoles is possible, making it easier and more productive for operators to work for long periods.

A one-touch idle lowers the engine’s speed to conserve gasoline with a press of the button. After that, a second press or a joystick movement restores the machine’s usual operating level. A lift may be improved by using the optional heavy lift mode, which increases machine system pressure. To increase controllability, heavy lift mode limits engine speed and pump flow.

The Caterpillar LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor is 40 percent larger than the previous model’s and has a greater resolution for better visibility on the 568 FM LL Excavator LCD display. For the benefit of today’s multicultural workforce, it may be programmed to offer information in 42 different languages in addition to its upgraded keypad and expanded capabilities. Using the monitor’s new “Engine Shutdown Setting,” users may choose how long the machine should idle before turning off the engine, potentially saving a considerable amount of gasoline.


The owner’s manual for a CATERPILLAR 568 FM LL EXCAVATOR contains all of the important information on the vehicle’s future operation and maintenance.

  • Safety and Security
  • Operation of each component
  • Driving
  • Interior Features
  • Maintenance and care
  • Vehicle specifications

The Caterpillar Excavator Manual, written just for owners, will explain when and how to use their vehicle’s numerous features and functions in detail.

Upgraded Amenities

A new auxiliary audio connection for MP3 players has been added to the regular radio. You may charge your devices in critical storage places using two 12-volt power supply connections strategically placed nearby. It is possible to store small objects in the right console’s front and back storage areas. The 568 has a new temperature control system that makes it more pleasant to work in. Increased airflow and comfort for the operator are two benefits of new AC ducting. Sun glare and heat buildup in the cab may be decreased with regular sunscreen.

Currently, the C9.3 ACERT engine can fulfill Tier 4 Interim emissions requirements. Cat aftertreatment regeneration solution is driven by customer input and guarantees that the machine functions normally without human intervention. Both automatic and manual regeneration may be programmed into the system.