2009 Ford Crown Victoria

2009 Ford Crown Victoria Overview

Ford initiated its operations in the region with its first-ever car called Model A. By gaining huge success in such a short time, Ford Motors Company entered the automobile industry with a number of vehicles. From Sedans to Trucks and sportscars, Ford made success with its most expensive supercar. Talking particularly about Ford Sedans, the automobile made success with models like Aspire, Crown Victoria, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, etc. Eventually, the company had to discontinue its sedans because of low consumer demand. The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria is still among the best muscle cars within the same range. Also known as the Police Interceptor, the Crown Victoria is a four-door sedan that packs 224 horsepower muscle. Crown Victoria was discontinued in 2011-12, mainly because of its size. The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria is a muscle-packed sedan with a 4.6-Litre V8 Engine. Police Departments all around the States used this car due to its easy-visibility presence during dangerous situations. Loaded with 250-horsepower, no doubt Crown Victoria ensembles its unique, massive presence in hazardous situations.

Principal Features

The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria is available in three trims, starting from a 4.6-Liter, V8 Engine, and Rear-Wheel Drive. It offers a low combined mileage. The gas mileage of the vehicle is 12 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway. Its 19 gallons fuel tank has a combined gas mileage of 14 mpg is lower than other vehicles within the same price range. Although its low combined mileage is justified due to a bigger engine, the vehicle itself presents an assertive appearance. The drivetrain of the vehicle is a 4-Speed Automatic transmission. A front and rear vents air conditioning offer an unmatched comfort drive. Six-seater capacity, power windows, power steering, and power-adjustable side mirrors add convenience and ease to the driving personnel. The infotainment system within the car includes an antenna-type radio with AM and FM options.

First Look

The first look of the 2009 Ford Crown Victoria is rather unsettling as compared to sedans today. The vehicle offers an older look, not suitable for the current generation cars. It was mainly used by the police department and government personnel as government vehicles due to its appearance and muscle. Government personnel used this long-body, four-door sedan, muscle-packed vehicle due to its performance and appearance. The six-seater car was the main reason the 2009 Crown Victoria was utilized as a government vehicle. The old-fashioned look of Crown Victoria made it stand out during its glory days. Police Interceptor trim of the Ford Crown Victoria was the most successful variant amongst others.

2009 Ford Crown Victoria

Owner’s Manual

The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria Owner’s Manual will cover all the specifications and maintenance needs of the vehicle. Other manuals, such as the Ford Crown Victoria Repair Manual, are also available for the specific job needed.

Exterior and Interior

The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria’s exterior is available in more than six body colors, with Black Clearcoat, Vibrant White, and Silver Birch as the most common body paints. The vehicle has rubber/vinyl flooring compiled with a front/rear stabilizer bar, providing a smooth suspension and a comfortable ride. One of the best infotainment features of its time includes a tire fill alert warning whenever the steel alloy wheels have low car pressure. Front driving airbags in the steering wheel, passenger airbags in the dash, and side front airbags enhance the safety of police interceptors and other Crown Victoria variants. A 20.6 cubic feet boot area is bigger cargo space, compared to other vehicles within the same price range.

Additional Interior Features

The cruise control, as well as front climate control, was a unique addition by Ford back in 2009. Apart from these features, the vehicle comprises all the features provided by the competitors, including front cupholders, seatback storage, trunk light, remote trunk release, leather steering wheel, and rear floor mats. The air conditioning of Crown Victoria concludes with rear vents for a purified air filtration system. Rear-View Defogger and Heated Mirrors of the vehicle provide a safe drive during the winter, especially the snow season. An interior clock and a temperature display diminish the need to pick up your smartphone.

Crown Vic’s Three-Trim Variants

The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria has three trims; the Police Interceptor, a Base Model, and Crown Victoria LX. All these trims differ in features, specifications, and price. The Police Interceptor was primarily used by government departments, mainly police departments. Its Base Model and LX differ in price and engine. The interior difference of the trims offers an option of a power-adjustable side mirror and a manually adjustable side mirror. Both the models have the same 4.6-Litre V8 Engine. The base model offers 224 horsepower, and the LX model offers 250 horsepower. Although discontinued today, the 2009 Crown Vic is highly affordable within a low-price range for a four-door sedan.

The competitors offer more features in sedans and coupes at less price but they fail to compete in one thing; the highly distinguishable, assertive appearance of the vehicle. All three trims of the car beat the competitor cars due to their long, unique shape.

Price Range

With a starting price range of around $29,000, you can get an excellent condition, used Crown Vic for less than $10,000. The price range of a used 2009 Crown Vic starts from $5,000 to $10,000. It is the perfect midsize car for everyday use, despite its low combined mileage. The vehicle remarks a dominant appearance among other competitors, which is the only pro of Crown Vic, within the given price range.

Final Verdict

The 2009 Ford Crown Victoria was discontinued in 2012 due to less consumer demand for the four-door sedan. Its Police Interceptor was highly used among government personnel, making the only demand for this four-door sedan. A lower combined mileage is of no use at the current gas prices. The vehicle offers an acceptable mileage of 19 mpg on the highway, but you can get similar sedans at less price that offers a higher, more affordable gas mileage. Its large shape was useful as a police vehicle to assert a dominant presence during dangerous situations. Apart from that, the car offers similar or fewer features as compared to its competitors. Overall, the 2009 Ford Crown Victoria is an affordable vehicle to purchase, but there is no harm to look into competitor automobile companies within the same price range.