2021 Honda Pilot: Why and Why not Buy?

Honda motor company, which initially started producing motorcycles, is one of the world’s most famous companies that now produce cars as well. Their automobiles sell like hotcakes for their reliability and cost-effective engineering. It has distinctive nature for being the first Japanese brand to produce luxury cars.

Besides motorcycles and cars, they even produce power equipment and air crafts now. Honda focuses on customer satisfaction more than anything; hence, most automobiles have impeccable quality. Thus, it offers a continuous running period, and you may even see a couple of decades-old models running efficiently on the roads.

Many Honda cars model achieved massive appreciation from the public, and one such model is Honda Pilot.

Introduction to 2021 Honda Pilot:

The 2021 Pilot has to be the company’s largest and most powerful SUV. Whether you want to go on a cross-country trip with the family, or it is just about carrying the cargo to another corner of the country, no other vehicle can match the Honda Pilot’s features. Having that said, Honda Pilot can seat up to eight passengers with a third seat row that is quite airy, unlike most SUVs with a third row. Furthermore, there is enough cargo space for you to carry the picnic luggage along with the extended family members.

What is New?

Honda has been manufacturing Honda Pilot for a long time now. Some years exhibited a complete model redesign, while others solely focused on a few critical updates. The 2021 edition differed from the previous version in having a new special edition trim level. Unlike the last version, LX-trim got dual-zone climate control. The newest models had nine-speed automatic transmissions available in all its vehicles.

Nonetheless, each vehicle has its pros and cons, and Honda Pilot also has a few common problems besides the heart-winning specifications. This article will look at the factors that may help you reach a final decision regarding a 2021 Honda Pilot purchase.

2021 Honda Pilot

Why Buy a 2021 Honda Pilot?

The 2021 Honda Pilot is generally a good choice, but it depends on your unique requirements and expectations from your next SUV. Let’s look at why the Honda pilot can be a great pick.

Storage Capacity:

It is the best option for those who always have to move around with a lot of stuff- for personal or professional purposes.

The space behind the third row is 15.5 cu-in; on the other hand, one can get a solid 83.8 cu-in space for cargo with the second and third rows folded to make more room. Besides the space between and behind the seats, you get much of it under the load floor; even the side pockets and central console can accommodate many of your small accessories and stuff.

The car’s contents, I.e., seats, and control system, are not congested despite offering much free space. Its towing capacity is a whopping 5000 pounds; nonetheless, the front-wheel-drive Pilots can tow no more than 3500 pounds.


All you need when traveling in a vehicle is something that would help you prevent muscle strains and fatigue. The motion inside the car is stable, and it offers this comfort whilst maintaining the overall ride comfort. The front seats perfectly support the back and bottom, helping you drive comfortably for hours.

It drives smoothly over the small bumps without any significant issues. Even the second and third-row seats have enough head and leg space; they can also recline and fold to serve various purposes. It has a tri-zone climate control system that keeps passengers comfortable in all instances. The cabin is free of the wind sound, thus ensuring peace and serenity.

Fuel Economy and Performance:

The average fuel economy of the 2021 Honda Pilot is average 22 mpg. It shows how the SUV’s fuel efficiency is too good for a three-row SUV.

Even the performance of the SUV is quite good; it offers a 0-60 mph sprint in the first seven seconds as you ignite the engine. The brakes are stable and consistent, efficiently stopping the car in slippery or emergency conditions.

Unlike most SUVs, it is not reluctant to twist around the turns in hilly areas; the 2021 Honda Pilot is highly reliable and comes with a Honda Pilot Owners manual that allows the consumer to increase the car’s lifespan through proper maintenance. In addition to the owner’s manual, you can also purchase the service repair manual, should you plan on working on the car yourself.

Why Not Buy a 2021 Honda Pilot?

While there is no significant issue in the 2021 Honda Pilot, you may want to look for other options if little things irritate you. It may come up with specific issues that include the following:

  • The company has made the safety system very responsive; their effort has resulted in overly sensitive adaptive cruise control and collision warning. It might be annoying for some drivers under certain conditions.
  • Although the third-row seats offer proper passenger space, their access is relatively narrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reliability rating of the Honda Pilot?

79 out of 100

What is the most common problem of the Pilot?

The most noted major problem is Transmission issues and/or failure

What is the life expectancy of the Pilot?

150,000 plus miles