AGCO Tractors Road Safety- And more!

Agco corporation started its operations in Georgia to bring out the world’s best agricultural vehicles and equipment. It now has a huge list of brand names in the lineup that add to its glory, including Gleaner Combines, White Planters, New Idea Hay, Heston Hay Equipment, Challenger tractors, and combines, Massey Ferguson Tractors, Sunflower Tillers, Valtra, Rogator applicators, Spracoupe sprayers, etc. This article will focus on the AGCO Tractors.

2007 was a life-changing year for Agco as it made sales of whopping $6.8 Billions worldwide. If we look back at the history of Agco Tractors, they once had an Allis model that was popular between 1999 and 2009.

History of Different Models of Agco Tractors:

The history of AGCO tractors is worth discussing for how it produced several truck models from 1970 till now. Let’s discuss some of them to know the standards and protocols of AGCO corporation before heading on to road safety.

  • The Allis Chalmers tractors came out in the mid-80s before the agricultural downfall forced a series of acquisitions and mergers. The final Allis Chalmers tractor was the Model 4W-305 that came out in 1985. It had a turbo engine that produced around 305 HP and a transmission system with 20 forward gears and 4 gears in reverse.
  • The 70s were the years for Massey Ferguson when it independently produced models that got energy from the 174 hp caterpillar V8 engines.
  • The Massey Ferguson of the current era is not limited to tractors only. It produces rotary combines, loaders, and harvesters. They ranged from 22.5 to an amazing 275 hp.
  • The company produced “AGCO Allis” after the AGCO mergers; Allis came out in branded tractors versions of 5600, 6670, 8700, and 9700 Series. The 5600 Series were mid-sized, ranging from 45 to 63 HP. The 6670 model was a row crop model with 63 HP. The 8700 Series tractors were large that produced between 70 and 85 HP; they were available in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The twin-turbocharged 9600 models varied from 175 to 195 HP.
  • AGCO Corporation acquired the farm tractors’ Challenger line from the Caterpillar Company in 2022; the Challenger tractors go to market through Caterpillar dealerships. The Challenger line includes both track and tired tractors. Their size ranges from the MT 600 C and 206 HP to the MT 900 C for 585 HP.
AGCO Tractor


No matter how vigilant the operator, it is always possible to encounter minor accidents resulting in damage. An AGCO parts book may be of great help if you get some part of your tractor damaged and requires serving including disassembly.

Road Safety of AGCO Tractors:

Regardless of a vehicle’s safety, it is best to be mindful of the little precautions, warnings, and problems. For instance, the operator may face severe circumstances in the form of accidents and loss of assets and life without knowledge of the road manners of being in the driver’s seat of AGCO tractors. AGCO has released the protocols that one can follow to prevent certain unfavorable circumstances. It is particularly crucial in agricultural vehicles because the drivers who drive them in the crops may not be able to handle them on the road.

  • If you see a tractor on the road while driving, slow down or bypass it if there is enough space. Tractors are around 20-24 mph, while the cars run at an average of 55 mph, indicating that they may go past the tractor sooner than you expect.
  • Your vehicle is not on the right track when you are on the road. Therefore, you need to be more courteous towards people to compromise the inconvenience you have caused them. So, when you see a motorist, ensure that the motor drives away safely.
  • Compromise is not a one-way street; hence, a mutual understanding is necessary to let the tractors be on the roads without causing any harm. Therefore, think of how tractors will help you and all that the tractor owners intend to do with them if you are a motorist and see a tractor crossing your way. Let the farmer move on to his crop quickly, so the bread may reach us quicker.
  • Tractors occupy spaces bigger than most compact cars. Therefore, you must look for the space before pulling over the tractor. Ensure you don’t pull over the tractor in front of a mailbox, pole, or shop door. Pulling over the tractor is desirable when you do so to let a motorist, cyclist, or other traveler drive past.
  • Be more cautious when you are driving a tractor on a two-lane road. Another tractor might be waiting just around the next turn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are AGCO tractors made?

Jackson MN

When was AGCO founded


What brand tractors are made by AGCO?

Challenger, Fendt, Valtra, Massey-Ferguson