Bobcat Skid Steers

When we talk about the vehicles that help us at construction sites, Bobcat Skid Steers are on the top; when we talk about the Skid Steers that offer great efficiency and functionality, Bobcat is the consumers’ pick! If you are new to Bobcat Skid Steers, this article will help you.

What is a Skid Steer?

A skid steer is a giant loader that one can use for loading, digging, and construction purposes. It is popular for its light weight, maneuverability, and efficiency. Furthermore, its arms offer diverse functions as they can be attached to different tools to accomplish various functions.

Features of a Bobcat Skid Steers:

The feature that makes Skid Steer different from usual automobiles is its synchronization. Bobcat designs Skid steers such that it has two tracks or four wheels. The front and rear wheels work in synchronization; however, you can use them individually by activating the wheels on each side.

You can only drive it in a straight line since it doesn’t turn; that makes us call it Skid “steers.” If you intend to turn the loader, increase the speed of the wheels on one side of the loader such that the other side drags along.

What does a Bobcat Skid Steer do?

Digging is the bare minimum of what a skid steer can do. It has various attachment offers, making it a fit choice for different tasks. Let’s look at the different attachment offers and how they can serve in different ways!

Skid Steer for Excavating:

Thanks to the skid steers’ option for the attachment to thriller, trencher, ripper, or wheel saw. It allows Skid Steers to perform the excavation procedure on the construction sites. Archeology departments take full adage of this service offered by the skid steers.

Bobcat Skid Steers

Skid Steers for Snow Clearing:

Bobcat skid steers make it easy to create a grip on the snow through its rotating steel augers. The attached bucket makes it easy to clear the soft snow off the road. Nonetheless, you may need to use the snow blade attachment to deal with the hardened snow. It is more valuable to be used on narrow paths such as the sidewalks and narrow streets where the giant equipment fails to work!

Skid Steers for Trenching and Digging:

Well, digging is unquestionably the most basic task a skid steer performs. It works best in the areas where hand shoveling demands extra energy and huge excavators are too extra. When digging right into the ground or hard-picked soil, or when people get to do digging in rocky areas, the sawtooth bucket attachments offer a supreme option.

Skid Steers for Grabbing:

You get retractable claws in different shapes and sizes to grip or grab different objects. It gives an option to farmers to move the tree logs and stumps. Construction workers use this option to tackle debris and larger object.

A Bobcat parts catalog can help you understand the position of different attachments. Therefore, we recommend you keep the parts catalog and service manual together with you as a beginner to avoid several challenges.

Bobcat Parts Catalog
Bobcat Parts Manual

History of Bobcat Skid Steers:

Bobcat emerged from the classic American entrepreneurship; E.G Melroe came up with the Melroe manufacturing company. His sons took over when he passed away and started working in partnership with the Keller Brothers.

Keller brothers produced their first-ever three-wheeled loader for Turkey farmers initially. Later, the Melroe brothers bought the rights to this loader, and both companies started producing the loader in huge amounts.

They introduced the term “Bobcat” in 1963, as it was the year of the release of M444 Melroe Bobcat. Now Skid Steers are also Bobcats, and the public uses both terms interchangeably.

How to use a Bobcat Skid Steer?

Bobcat Skid-steer driving can be a little tricky to drive for people who have been driving domestic vehicles all their life. Driving in a straight line is not rocket science, but you may be stuck to turning the loader. Therefore, follow the mentioned steps to get your Skid Steer in a different direction:

  • An interesting fact is that there are separate engines for the wheels on either side of a loader that allows you to drive them separately.
  • You need to increase the speed of the wheels on the side opposite to the side you want to turn to get the loader on point. For instance, increase the speed of the wheels on the right side if you want to turn your loader to the left and vice versa.
  • The wheels on the opposite side slow down and anchor to the ground as you increase the speed on one side. It makes the wheels Skid on the ground as the outer wheels skid out of their normal position.
  • Once your car has turned to your desired point, equalize the speed of the wheels on the side to drive it in a straight line again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the company called BOBCAT?

Bobcats are so-named because its equipment is agile, quick, and very tough.

What can you do with a Bobcat Skid Steer?

Demolition, Excavation, and Debris Removal, plus many more tasks with the different available attachments

How much is a new Bobcat Skid Steer?

A new Bobcat produced by Doosan Group may cost between $25K-$65K, depending on size and options