Dodge Ram 1500 Truck- Top Problems

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a very reliable truck with an excellent reliability score. It stands in the 4th/17th position with 3.5 out of 5 stars. Nonetheless, we understand that 3.5 stars are not what most of us seek. It is a top-notch truck with an excellent towing capacity that can fulfill most cargo demands, but there is no perfect truck or vehicle. It’s an artificial thing, and almost man-made stuff always requires some improvement.

A truck that’s perfect for you is the one that doesn’t fulfill your basic demands because of its shortcoming. Therefore, it is more important to get information about what a truck can’t do rather than what it does; that’s when you will be able to make a good decision.

This write-up will talk about the shortcoming of the Ram 1500 Truck to help you decide where your investment goes!

Engine Noise and Poor Acceleration:

4.7-L V8 and 3.6-L V6 engines used in the RAM trucks from 1995 to 2010 came up with this engine noise issue. Poor throttle response, loud noise, and sluggish acceleration after the engine ignitions are common complaints regarding its engine. The deafening roar comes from the exhaust area of the engine and makes the ride very noisy and uncomfortable; it may be because of the gas leakage from any of the engine exhausts. You can also check for the missing bolts.

The good news is that it is easy to fix, and most owners can do it independently. It costs them reasonably affordable even if they get it repaired from the workshop.

Engine Obstruction:

The Dodge RAM has presented this issue that the engine wouldn’t start when you rotate the key in the ignition. The clicking sound will appear, and the machine will not start, no matter what you do. It can be the spark plug issue, and one needs to do minimal work to get it fixed.

The battery and cable connections can be the culprit if the engine fails to turn over! It also happens when the battery is old.

Ram 1500

If the cable gets loosened, you can get them tightened, which won’t cost much. However, you will need to replace the battery if it has broken down over the years.

Checking the connection with the starter motor will also help if you fail to detect the problem.

Rear Window Leaks in Heavy Rain:

Doesn’t it get annoying when the windows in your home start dripping inside during heavy rain? The walls get distorted, but you can dry them instantly once the rain is over. However, this problem is a little more complicated when your truck windows leak during heavy rainfall. The seats inside your truck are mostly covered with fabric; it is not easy to dry material as soon as you can dry a marble floor. It can be very uncomfortable because everyone wants to stay warm and dry inside their vehicles. The window leakage may occur even during a car wash.

It is not a problem as big as it seems; the bad seal is the culprit, and you can replace the seal or use a strong adhesive to fix the problem. Keeping the seal dirt and grime-free can help you resolve the issue. Dry rots, cracks, and insufficient adhesive can also be the root problems.

Cracked Dashboard:

Here comes a problem that won’t make any difference to the car’s functioning but may make your truck look unattractive. The RAM 1500 comes with the issue of a broken dashboard after the truck has been driven around 83000 miles. The bad thing is that it will take you about $700 to get it fixed. 2003, 2002, and 2001 models mainly exhibited this issue.

The culprit is the dashboard’s plastic that splits and cracks over time. However, you can enhance its life by protecting it from direct sunlight.

Leaking Coolant near the Water Pump:

You are not alone if you feel a sweet smell coming from the engine; sometimes, there might be a coolant leakage on your floor garage right beneath the truck’s engine. This is a severe problem that will result in overheating of the engine and extensive damage if you don’t take proper measures on time. You may look at the Dodge Ram parts diagram to find out how these critical parts are closely connected.

A loose clamp, poor radiator, or bad hose may be causing the coolant leaking issues. It is probably a hole in any of these structures if you find the coolant on the floor.

Check all these parts in the diagram and just tighten the hose clamp if its loosening is the cause or do the needful to save your engine from extensive damage.

Excessive engine knock and oil consumption, TIPM, and body structure issues are also common. You can get most issues fixed on your own or a minimal amount in the workshop. Just some regular maintenance and DIY auto repair with guidance and your machine can be kept in working order. However, delaying the repair process is not wise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better- Silverado 1500 or Dodge Ram 1500?

the Silverado rates better for towing, power, and comfort

Life expectancy of the Dodge Ram 1500?

300K miles

Who makes the Dodge RAM?

The Dodge company originally manufactured the RAM truck. Since Fiat Chrysler merger and subsequent disruption, the Dodge brand is owned by Stellantis