Kalmar DCF250-12LB Forklift

Kalmar forklift range offers you a broad choice of alternatives that help you get the right equipment for the correct type of work. Kalmar machines have proved robust with a great design, specially made for the most strenuous applications. This article will focus on the Kalmar DCF250-12LB Forklift.

Kalmar puts 100% effort when manufacturing a product. Thus, anything that reaches the market has a lot of continuous development in practice, days and nights of hard work, and multiple testing procedures behind it.

If you’re looking forward to starting a business that requires work beyond or way too much for human physical power, Kalmar equipment is your best bet. Kalmar ensures that the customers can match every design and functionality detail against your requirements. So when investing in Kalmar, you are investing in optimal productivity and the overall economy.

Out of the dozens of column equipment, its forklifts are most famous for the thoughtful engineering they possess. This significantly reduces the requirement for human resourcing. It also helps businesses and construction workers get their work done in time and compete with their rivals.

It has a range of diesel and electric-powered forklifts with different capabilities; however, this write-up focuses on one of the best diesel-powered forklifts manufactured by Kalmar and the benefits of diesel forklifts.

The DCF250-12LB Forklift:

The DCF250-12LB is the most attractive offering amongst the Kalmar forklifts. It is a heavy-duty forklift with a 5000-millimeter lifting height and 25,000 kg lifting capacity. Beyond its tremendous work, the Kalmar equipment is eco-friendly. They provide a great base for high performance with excellent drivetrains backed by the engine, drive shaft, wet disc brakes, and gearbox built and combined into a unit with the highest performance and durability process. The newer models provided driving experience and a level of control throughout the work cycle that has to be experienced to be believed.

Kalmar Forklifts

The Kalmar engines provide high torque even when at low revolutions. The engines fall well within the latest emission requirements and conform to the new noise power standards. The tier-three engines require more robust cooling, and the trucks come fitted with an efficient and easy-to-service split cooling system. The air filter comes with a pre-cleaner in the stage one end of the finer cellulose filter for thorough filtration of small particles in stage two. The Kalmar forklift service manual available online and at automobile accessories shops is the best helping hand that the Kalmar forklift owner can hold to understand its operation and maintenance.

The drive steering axle and controls of the Kalmar forklifts are well-proven, robust designs with an excellent suspension system. The driver axle absorbs extreme stress in challenging environments with significant loads, high-intensity operations, and even towing tasks. The safety system consists of the brake system, a fixed-end rotating oil-cooled discs that ensure smooth and swift brake application.

Benefits of Diesel-powered Kalmar DCF250-12LB Forklift:

The Kalmar diesel-powered engine offers various benefits that make it a better option for people with specific jobs. Let’s look at the benefits of the diesel-powered Kalmar forklift to understand what you get at the price.

 Load Capacity:

Diesel engines are usually of great size, and because of their size, diesel forklifts can move bigger and heavier loads compared to electric forklifts. It accelerates the work making it faster; Hence, diesel forklifts are ideal for bigger jobs. Whether you own a department store or are a construction worker looking forward to our heavy-duty lifting equipment, our desired power or you can be your best choice.

The Gigantic Size:

Diesel forklifts are usually gigantic, making them a perfect choice for outdoor tasks. They can be a significant shortcoming when work is done in confined spaces, but there is no better option when working in open spaces.

Kalmar Forklift Manual
Kalmar Service Manual


Diesel forklifts are usually designed to carry out operations on rough and uneven surfaces. They offer excellent stability compared to electric lifts. It can be a perfect option for construction sites where the raw material leaves the surface very Ralph and unstable. For such sites, equipment like diesel-powered forklifts offers appropriate stability, carries out the task, and ensures the operator’s safety.

Higher Torque:

Diesel-powered forklifts have large engines and, therefore, higher power capacities than other types of forklifts. As a result, they are ideal for towing heavier loads and moving on gradient surfaces. They are the true “heavy-duty” forklifts that bring about any task.

Better Rear Visibility:

One of the perks of diesel forklifts is that it doesn’t have a propane tank at the rear of the forklift. This gives better rear visibility.

Fewer Maintenance Issues:

Diesel forklifts have engines with greater life than propane-powered forklift engines. Moreover, it doesn’t require as frequent maintenance sessions as electric or propane-powered forklifts.


Diesel is more cost-efficient than propane, which saves a diesel-powered forklift user some bucks. Furthermore, infrequent maintenance requirement also keeps your wallet heavy!