Terex’s all Terrain Cranes are capable of handling a wide variety of lifting tasks. These little cranes are very maneuverable and have been built for one-person operation as a result of their small size. Demag all-terrain cranes are easy to put up, even on small work sites with limited space. In addition to providing a comfortable lifting environment for the crane operator, the ergonomic operator cabin is also available. In addition to self-erecting models, hammerhead models, flat-top models, and luffing jib models are available in a wide range of sizes and lifting capacities to ensure that the next Terex tower crane you select for your crane rental fleet will be able to keep up with the demands of your next project site. This article will focus on the Terex TX51-19S Boom Truck.

Terex tower cranes are incredibly sturdy and can be put up in a short amount of time. To that end, Terex cranes are common sights where building is occurring. In the field of construction, Volvo CE’s Terex Tower Cranes are renowned for their tough construction, innovative lifting technology, and ability to provide dependable results on the worksite.

Terex Boom Truck Performance and Fuel Economy

In Australia, the mobile Pick & Carry Crane design idea was developed. This kind of crane combines the functionality of a down cab rough terrain crane with the mobility of an All Terrain Truck Crane, and a rotating lower crane carrier supports it. Terex bought the iconic Franna brand of mobile Pick & Carry cranes in 1999, and since then, the company has made significant improvements to the product.

Heavy-duty Terex mobile picks and carries cranes are noted for their strength, simplicity of operation, and ability to transport large amounts of material while maneuvering through tight locations. With an articulated lower crane carrier frame that does not need outriggers, crane rental firms can set up and begin operating nearly immediately, allowing them to optimize their profits as soon as possible.

Terex TX51-19S Boom Truck Specifications

  • Height: 6.4ft
  • Length: 12.3in
  • Width: 5.12ft
Terex TX51-19S Boom Truck

Service Manual

The service manuals for the TEREX TX51-19S BOOM TRUCK are extensive, covering every vehicle operation and maintenance element. To ensure proper repair, service manual is available for every Terex TX51-19S service manual:

  • Maintenance
  • General
  • Service
  • Engine
  • Electrical
  • Power Transmission
  • Information System
  • Cab
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Interior
  • Hydraulic System

TEREX TX51-19S BOOM TRUCK repair manuals are intended for technicians and dealerships to regularly maintain and repair vehicles. The owner may use these service instructions to verify that any maintenance or repairs are done properly and exactly on every occasion.


With exceptional ride height and up to four steering modes, Terex’s rough terrain cranes make deploying Terex RT cranes in the most difficult terrain a simple operation for qualified crane operators. Terex RT’s are renowned for their legendary durability and cheap total cost of ownership, among other things. As a result, this is why Terex’s rough terrain cranes are the best option for lifting operations that take place on a daily basis.

Benefits of the Terex TX59-19S Boom Truck

Because of the higher frame, engine mount, and operator cab, the TX51-19 has more than enough ground clearance to fulfill fording requirements. The wheels on this model are bigger than those on the commercial version. In addition, the Terex TX51-19S features a more powerful engine. Correspondingly, corrosion resistance has been improved. Additionally, some changes were made to this commercial equipment to make it acceptable for military applications like fording rivers, beach operations, and helicopter transportation. Consequently, the vehicle’s weight climbed from 4.3 t to 6.1 t, an increase of 23%.

Owner’s Manual

The owner’s Terex manual for a TX51-19S BOOM TRUCK contains all of the important information on the vehicle’s operation and maintenance.

  • Safety and Security
  • Operation of each component
  • Driving
  • Interior Features
  • Maintenance and care
  • Vehicle specifications

This owner’s manual, written just for owners, will explain when and how to use their vehicle’s numerous features and functions in detail.

Load Capabilities

Loading and unloading palletized merchandise from trucks, containers, airplanes, and ships is accomplished with the help of this all-terrain forklift. The TX51-19S Boom Truck can support loads up to a maximum weight of 2.3 t. It is possible to connect additional accessories to this telehandler, such as a bucket. The TX51-19 is equipped with a one-person enclosed cab. It safeguards the operator from the possibility of a rollover and falling items.

Terex Power and Control

This load-handling equipment is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine from the Perkins 700 Series, which produces 80 horsepower. In the case of commercial TX51-19 machines, this engine’s initial horsepower rating is 63 hp. This equipment is equipped with an all-wheel-drive continuously. There are three different steering modes to choose from front wheel steering, all-wheel steering, and crab steering, among others. The vehicle is equipped with a built-in cold start feature. The engine can be started even when the temperature is below -40 degrees Celsius.