1979 Ford F600

In 1948, Ford came up with commercial medium-duty Ford F-series trucks, followed by small F-series pickups. These medium-duty trucks come somewhere between small-sized pickups and large conventional trucks. The Ford F-600 is one of them, and currently in its eighth generation. Let’s take a look at the 1979 Ford F600.

These trucks came with various features and power trains, and Ford is currently selling its eighth generation. 1979 was a breakthrough as people started considering medium-duty trucks for their utility and domestic needs.

Introduction to 1979 Ford Trucks:

Ford F series trucks are a tough breed of full cab conventional with 107.6 inches bumper to back of cab (BBC). The white cab provides plenty of room for three to ride in comfort. The engine is mounted entirely ahead of the cab for easy access and repair. The 1979 Ford F600 offered three new gas engines, particularly V8 engines designed specifically for medium trucks.

F-series come in a wide range of capacities to match the job requirements, and there are F600 4-wheel drive trucks to keep you going for off-road jobs.

Different Aspects and Configurations of 1979 Ford Trucks:

Since the 1979 Ford trucks came with different power options, we can divide the trucks depending upon the energy source and configurations that are as follows.

  • V8 power engine: The new Lima V-8s have more horsepower than the engines that they have replaced. Besides this advantage, it is more fuel efficient.
  • Diesel power: The Ford Caterpillar V636 diesel with two power ranges is offered in the F7000 series, which is the lowest sticker price for Fords with this nationally recognized engine.
  • Spacious Crew Cab provides the roomy comfort needed for long workdays. It is available as standard in F600 and F700 series. Its four doors allow easy entry for a crew of 6.
  • The custom cab configuration gives you the comfort of breathable knitted vinyl seat upholstery in red, tan, black, or blue jade. HD black vinyl may be retained in diesel options. Its other features include door trim panels and a headliner with bright moldings. Exteriors are dressed up with bright grille and windshield molding.
  • Crew Cab has four big doors and two full-width seats. Heavy-duty black vinyl upholstery is a popular option for hard-working crews.
  • The standard cab features a deluxe instrument cluster, a rubber floor mat with aluminum door scuff plates, a glove box with a lock, and painted western mirrors. Seats are trimmed in practical black vinyl with matching door trim panels.

Features of Ford F600:

All Ford F-series trucks hold similar features and specifications, while they differ in powertrain and purposes. Some top-class features of the 1979 Ford F600 are:

  • Service Ease:

Ford’s long conventional hood opens high and wide for easy access. Ford F600 parts catalog also highlights its engine, which is entirely ahead of the cowl, so service points, accessories, and spark plugs are easy to reach.

1979 Ford Medium / Heavy Duty Shop Manual
1979 Ford Medium / Heavy Duty Shop Manual
  • Built Tough:

The 1979 F600 4×4 comes with sturdy reinforced steel caps. The broad alligator hood has double panel sections to minimize flutter. Doors have double panel construction, too, and this build protects them against minor hitting incidents.

  • Rust Protection:

Ford fender liners can’t ever rust! Molded one-piece design is impact resistant and helps prevent mud, salt, and snow from packing. Cabs have liberal amounts of zinc-coated metal and zinc-rich primers applied to key areas. Special vinyl sealers and aluminized spray-ons are designed to help fight rust.

  • Tight Turns and Factory Balancing:

The 1979 Ford F600 has wide-track front axles with large wheel cut angles, allowing sharp turning maneuverability. All wheels and tires are factory balanced, as are all front hubs and drums. Balancing helps reduce possible running noise and vibration.

  • The Powertrain:

The power for the F600 comes from the gasoline-powered 6.1 liters 2V V8 engine; However, the owners may get a 6.1 liter 4V V8 engine as an option. An optional feature for the Ford F600 includes the hand throttle.

Brief History:

Ford has been continuously producing its F-series trucks since 1948, and most of them are full-size trucks. Its chassis proved a popular platform onto which different bodies are fitted. The F-600 platform is quite significant for how it can be used for bodies designed for various purposes, like fire engines and flatbed haulers for heavy construction purposes.

After World War 2, these trucks came as either Ford or Mercury. The same trucks came under these two badges; however, they differed in exterior and interior badging, trim, and grille style.

These trucks are particularly famous for their smooth, durable, and simple design that makes maintenance easier. Even though Fords are famous for their capacity, the Ford F600 cabs are comparatively more spacious and allow a lot of stuff with half a dozen crew members.

The Ford F600 came for a few generations, and Ford overlooked it for some generations. However, the company still produces it as per the newest and most advanced technologies and features.