2006 Ford Crown Victoria

The 2006 Ford Crown Victoria showcases only a few changes in its previously released Sedan. The company added perimeter alarms as an option, and the in-glass antenna replaced the mast. It is a standard-looking car for utility purposes, with nine-spoke 16 inches wheels in its LX models. At the same time, the LX and its sports Sedans feature a special trip computer.

5-Star Ratings

Being true to its name, Ford Crown Victoria is the best Sedan Ford has ever offered. It earned 5-star ratings for both front occupants in the frontal-impact crash tests performed by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Mercury’s Grand Marquise is Crown Victoria’s competition with some additional features and greater cost. However, these cars were the last to offer full-size, rear-drive Sedans at a moderate price.

Trim Levels

Ford offers the following trim levels for the 2006 Ford Crown Victoria:

  • Standard
  • LX
  • LX Sport

You could get LX Sport with more options that made it belong to the LX Premier Group. Ford produced special heavy-duty Ford Crown Victorias with a bigger base for the police and forces’ use.

Manuals Available

Often, the owner’s manual comes with the car when you purchase. But, you can order an owner’s manual online if that is not the case. You can also purchase service repair manuals and parts catalogs.

Driving Performance and Impression:

Rear-wheel drive is the most sought-after driving form, and Ford only introduced these 2 years before the release of the Ford Crown Victoria 2006. However, it is hard to find a car offering a moderate price for rear-wheel drive. Thus, the 2006 Ford Crown Victoria wins the battle by offering an easygoing ride. You won’t regret buying a Ford Crown Victoria from 2006 if you don’t need a vehicle with sharp handling. It imparts the driver a sense of convenience, comfort, and freedom.


People don’t have a good opinion about the safety of the 2006 Crown Victoria as the NHTSA conducted four investigations for the defective product and four recalls. Moreover, it recorded 45 complaints about the safety of the vehicle. However, this number is still way less than the number of complaints recorded for the other vehicles.

It has standard electronic brakes force distribution with all-disc antilock brakes. The dual-rate brake booster helps you apply an urgent and rapid brake in case of a panic stop. Its downside is that it doesn’t have built-in airbags, and you can get side airbags as an option.

The exterior of the 2006 Ford Crown Victoria:

Ford Victoria has wide door openings for its large size, color-keyed body side moldings, and wraparound aero headlights. This exterior gives it a lavish Sedan look that is especially perfect for police use. It didn’t have any extra bands or textures featured on its metallic body. The company removed the rear whip antenna in the 2006 model to replace it with the rear defroster antenna. However, it still used the front independent suspension featuring a live rear axle on the body frame. Needless to say, the overall design is not much different from its 1979 counterpart.

Interior of the 2006 Ford Crown Victoria:

Crown Victoria, being a big car, easily accommodates five to six people. It depends on the bench or bucket installed in the car. You find an overhead console in LX and LX sports models. On the other hand, Stanard LX models have a front bench installed to accomplish the six-person seating capacity. Buyers can get an optional moonroof with LX and LX sports models.

Interior Features

A standard 2006 Ford Crown Victoria features cruise control, an air conditioner, cassette stereo, locks, mirrors, power windows, and a tilt steering column. Its LX models have electronic climate control, CD stereo, and remote keyless entry. If we talk about an even more advanced LX sports edition, it has leather-trimmed power bucket seats, cassette/CD stereo, a full-length center console, and a floor-mounted gear shift lever. You can get optional power-adjustable pedals.

Under the Hood:

Standard and LX trims have a 4.6-L V-8 engine capable of producing 272 pounds-feet of torque and 224 hp energy. Optional all-speed traction control uses throttle intervention and an antilock brake system to control the wheelspin. LX sport carries a stronger version of the V-8 that could produce 239 hp energy with a dual exhaust system to provide the boost required by a sports car.

Fuel Economy:

For all the 2006 Ford Crown Victoria models, the combined fuel consumption is one gallon per 18 miles. It offers a good fuel economy, and here is a Crown Victoria parts diagram to enhance the description:

2006 Ford Crown Victoria


A standard 2006 Ford Crown Victoria offers the following dimensions that one must look at to see if it fits his needs.

Base Engine Size4.6 L
Length2.5 inches
Width78.3 inches
Turning circle40.3 feet
Wheel Base114.6 inches
Rear Track65.6 inches
Front Track62.8 inches
Max Cargo capacity20.6 cubic feet
Cargo capacity with all seats in place20.6 cubic feet
Height8.3 inches
EPA interior volume127 cubic feet
Front leg room41.6 inches

For further clarification, you get a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Owner’s manual with the car to ease the maintenance process. Furthermore, the service shops have a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria service manual to help you with car repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is the 2006 Crown Victoria?

it is rated 3 out of 5

What is the MPG on the 2006 Crown Victoria?

17 City and 25 Highway

Why did Ford Discontinue the Crown Victoria?

Because of its size and weight, demand increased for smaller lighter cars