An extensive dealer network throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East makes Cat® Lift Trucks one of the top forklift truck and material handling equipment manufacturers. Over more than 80 years in the materials handling sector, forklift trucks and warehouse equipment have been created to ensure that your applications are made effectively, safely, and seamlessly. Forklift trucks are available in various models and configurations to suit a wide range of applications and warehouse demands. Forklift trucks powered by diesel, gas, or electricity are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet your specific demands. This article focuses on the Caterpillar V60E Forklift.

Performance and Fuel Economy

By optimizing productivity and minimizing the total cost of ownership, Caterpillar V60E ensures that effective materials handling is accomplished. Improved lift trucks and warehouse equipment are a constant goal of research and development programs across the globe to keep up with the ever-changing demands of industry and warehouses everywhere. Cat® Lift Trucks’ forklift loading trucks have a competitive advantage because of their increased performance and extended service intervals. Achieve your operational objectives by providing you with the most efficient and effective forklift trucks and materials handling solutions.


You put in long hours every day to lay the groundwork for a bright future. You need a forklift from a reputable manufacturer for the most labor-intensive jobs. Because of this, the V60E Diesel Forklift delivers exceptional quality and dependability, all supported by a dealer network you can trust. Breakdowns and maintenance might delay your project’s completion or put it on hold entirely. To provide a ruggedly dependable product, we rely on more than 50 years of demonstrated lift truck design knowledge. As your local Cat lift truck dealer, to assist with anything from upfront ROIs to comprehensive forklift fleet management.

Caterpillar V60E Forklift

Factory Service Manual

The CATERPILLAR V60E FORKLIFT service manual is extensive, covering every vehicle operation and maintenance element. A service manual is not included with every CATERPILLAR V60E FORKLIFT:

  • Maintenance
  • General
  • Service
  • Power Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Interior

CATERPILLAR V60E FORKLIFT repair manuals are for technicians and dealerships to regularly maintain and repair vehicles. The owner uses these service instructions to verify that any maintenance or repairs are done properly and exactly on every occasion.

Safety and Productivity

Cat goods, like everything else that bears the Caterpillar and Cat names, are known for their high quality and dependability worldwide. As part of the Caterpillar brand’s core beliefs, Cat® Lift Trucks provide innovative material handling solutions for the most challenging and diversified industries. Cat forklifts are developed to include safety and enhance productivity for the lowest total ownership cost by focusing on uncompromising quality and dependability.


Cat Lift Trucks has a comprehensive line of lift trucks that can lift up to 16 tons in both engine and electric variants. These heavy-duty machines are built to withstand the harshest conditions and give exceptional performance, efficiency, and dependability. A wide variety of electric lift trucks are available from Cat Lift Trucks. As a result, each machine is designed to work reliably in the most challenging situations with low downtime.


The owner’s manual for CATERPILLAR V60E FORKLIFT contains important information on the vehicle’s future operation and maintenance.

  • Safety and Security
  • Operation of each component
  • Driving
  • Interior Features
  • Maintenance and care
  • Vehicle specifications

The Cat forklift manual, written just for owners, will explain when and how to use their vehicle’s numerous features and functions in detail.


Cat electric forklifts can lift up to three tons of weight with precise control. It’s possible to get more work done in less time with an AC power system that’s been designed with efficiency in mind. Cat Lift Trucks offers a wide variety of manual and motorized pallet trucks that are essential for every warehouse business. These lift trucks are built to endure and are capable of performing the most challenging of tasks. The engine-powered range is built to function reliably and consistently regardless of the application. Environmentally friendly engines are capable of lifting the biggest weights while optimizing fuel economy.

Built for Warehouse Constraints

Reach trucks from Caterpillar are built for tight aisle warehouses where performance and efficiency are critical. For the busiest warehouses, these ergonomic workstations come in various styles to meet your specific needs. Many heavy-duty industrial applications are well-suited for the Cat diesel forklifts. These forklifts are built to withstand the rigors of the most challenging work cycles. Storage costs are lower when the aisles are smaller, and the racking is taller. High, small, or otherwise difficult-to-navigate locations are perfect for cat order pickers. There is specialized equipment for your order-picking needs that can handle up to 2 tons of loads.