There is no telehandler in Caterpillar’s C Series that can lift more than 12,000 lb and raise it to a maximum height of 54.3 feet. For the 142-horsepower Cat C4.4 engine, B20 biofuel is an option. It includes four forward and three backward gears and a clutch modulation system as a standard feature. The tilt of the work tool may be adjusted in two positions using a two-position button on the single-lever joystick. Routine daily maintenance has been simplified to monitoring fluid levels and a walk-around examination by installing service access points beneath the engine cover. We are talking about the Caterpillar TL1255 Telehandler.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The Caterpillar TL1255 Telehandler is available in various sizes to meet your specific needs, from loading and unloading pallets to doing site maintenance. Ground-level access to service locations, vertically placed filters, and a side-mounted engine make maintenance easy. The vehicle’s high ground clearance and sturdy components withstand harsh weather.

Take advantage of high fuel economy and low consumption rates of DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). Confidence in the driver is bolstered by the vehicle’s excellent visibility and optional periphery sensors, and a rearview camera. While your computer is unused, the anti-theft technology helps keep it safe. Rely on the adjustable suspension seat and straightforward controls to get the most out of your time in the driver’s seat. Improve productivity by reducing cycle durations and making it easier to see what’s going on—the world’s most powerful and fastest machine.

Caterpillar TL1255 Telehandler


The repair manuals for Cat Telehandlers go through all aspects of how the vehicle operates. The service manual for your Cat TL1255 Telehandler service manual is an important tool to have on hand for service or repairs.

  • Safety Restraints
  • Instrumentation
  • Before Driving
  • Starting and Operating
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Capacities

The service manuals for the CATERPILLAR TL1255 TELEHANDLER are vast and cover every aspect of the vehicle’s operation. Be sure to allow your mechanic access to the factory original manuals to keep the machine running optimally.


  • Height: 8.33ft
  • Length: 20.67ft
  • Width: 8.33ft
  • Operating weight: 35400 lb

Engine type: Cat C4.4 EDITAAC, Tier 3

Fuel tank: 38 g

Design, Comfort, and Quality

TL1255C has a lift capacity of 5,443 kilograms (12,000 pounds) and a maximum lift height of 16.6 meters, making it the biggest machine in the new C Series line (54.3 ft). Telehandlers such as the TL1255C are well-suited to ordinary construction and industrial applications. The high-strength boom may handle heavy loads, and huge box sections suited for side tilt and swing carriages are built-in. The high pivot of the boom and side-mounted power module allow better view all around. The simultaneous extension of the telescopic boom improves productivity on the job site.

To fulfill Interim/Stage IIIB emissions requirements, TL1255C‘s Cat C4.4 ACERTM produces a maximum power output of 106,000 BTUs (142 hp). B20 biofuel may be used in telehandlers, and it is specifically intended for this use case. Cat components are used in constructing these diesel engines, ensuring quiet operation and extended life. Operating costs are reduced by optimizing the fuel used for each application. There are four forward and three backward gears in the TL1255C’s power shift gearbox. In addition to smooth gear shifts and improved operator comfort.

Convenient to Maintain

The cab has a Cat full-suspension seat and a better view of the worksite, making it comfortable and elegant. Boom crowd and lift operations combine with an adjustable, two-position button for tool tilt by a pilot-operated single lever joystick. A selection of Cat work tools increases the machines’ adaptability. A high-visibility manual IT coupler is provided in addition to the fast hydraulic coupler, which allows tool changes without exiting the cab.

The primary components and service points are located on the ground floor. Routine daily maintenance has been simplified to checking fluid levels and a walk-around inspection thanks to the simple service access points situated beneath the engine cover. The Cat dealer support network makes it easy to maintain the TL1255C Telehandler.

The TL D Series has a wide range of attachments, ensuring that your Cat Telehandler is ready for any job. There are many attachments to choose from, including pallet forks, bucket sweepers, pipe grapples, and truss booms. Options for operators include hydraulic and manual coupling systems and fork carriages that may rotate, swing at an angle, and even be positioned by operators from the cab of their vehicle.

In addition to couplers and work equipment, numerous tire alternatives are available to aid with wear and give optimal grip on various terrain. You may customize the inside of the cab by selecting options like the kind of cab and canopy, the multi-function display, the reversing camera, the temperature control, and so on.